In my spare time, I have developed a couple of open-source projects on github and try to maintain them:

  • SuperluminalPerf SuperluminalPerf is a small .NET managed wrapper around the Superluminal PerformanceAPI.
  • lunet A fast and powerful static website generator written in C# (prototype, used for this website and kalk)
  • kalk This is the repository of kalk, a powerful command line calculator app for developers.
  • Blake3.NET Blake3.NET is a fast managed wrapper around the SIMD Rust implementations of the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function.
  • LibObjectFile LibObjectFile is a .NET library to read, manipulate and write linker and executable object files (e.g ELF, ar, DWARF, COFF...)
  • CppAst.CodeGen CppAst.CodeGen is an extensible P/Invoke Code Generator from C/C++ to C# for .NET relying on CppAst for parsing C/C++
  • CppAst.NET CppAst provides a C/C++ parser for header files with access to the full AST, comments and macros for .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Monocypher.NET Monocypher.NET is a managed wrapper around Monocypher cryptographic library.
  • JitBuddy JitBuddy provides a small helper method to disassemble to a x86/x64 ASM listing the native code generated by the JIT of a managed method.
  • Broslyn A lightweight utility library to create a Roslyn AdhocWorkspace from an existing solution/csproj.
  • Tomlyn Tomlyn is a TOML parser, validator and authoring library for .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Zio Zio provides a simple, powerful, cross-platform filesystem abstraction for .NET with many built-ins filesystems.
  • babelmark 3 A website that allows to compare various Markdown implementations (including Markdig!)
  • Markdig A Markdown processor for .NET, a fully extensible implementation of the CommonMark standard with excellent performance, both in terms of speed, and GC pressure.
  • NUglify A HTML, JavaScript and CSS minification Library for .NET (fork of AjaxMin + new features)
  • Scriban A fast, powerful and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET
  • Smash Smash is a fast and lightweight library that provides a collection of non-cryptographic hashes for .NET
  • SharpScss A pinvoke .NET wrapper around libsass to convert SCSS to CSS
  • GitRocketFilter A super fast alternative to git-filter-branch, powerful command line tool to rewrite git branches powered by .NET, equivalent of
  • jsonite Jsonite is a lightweight JSON serializer and deserializer for .NET
  • SharpDX The definitive DirectX wrapper for .NET
  • SharpDoc A documentation generator for .NET
  • SharpCLABot An ASP.NET application providing CLA bot for github projects, hostable on Azure
  • SharpYaml A YAML parser (this is a fork)
  • SharpRazor A simple wrapper around the templating Razor Engine
  • SharpDiff A diff library for .NET with added support for a diff3 on .NET objects (this is a fork)

I developed also some older projects on codeplex that are no longer updated:

  • NShader A HLSL/GLSL syntax highlighter for Visual Studio
  • AsmHighlighter A ASM x86 syntax highlighter for Visual Studio
  • NetAsm An attempt to hack the JIT of the .NET CLR to inject ASM instructions directly from method attributes
  • NKnobMan An extension to Knobman
  • NRenoiseTools A Renoise file exporter to MIDI

I have also contributed to some open source projects:

  • NAudio A popular Audio framework for .NET